Favourites Toolkit

Here is a list of the favourite things that I use in my everyday life! I hope you find something life changing here!

Productivity Toolkit

There's no better to-do list manager, calendar, pomo tracker, habit tracker and whatever else it does! It's a swiss army knife!

These days I just use Google Calendar on Android and Cron on my MacBook Pro. Cron has some unique features that improve the calendar experience.

No presentations are needed. Notion alone is a complete Toolkit and I've been using it for almost 4 years now. You can use it for almost everything. You can take notes, manage tasks and big projects, build databases, use those databases for your notes, track habits, do daily journaling, manage university-related work, a business...the possibilities are almost infinite.

Toggl Track
This tool is new for me and I've been using it to track my working time.

Reading Toolkit

Kobo or Kindle
Kobo is my go to reading medium! (e-readers) are more comfortable, portable and frictionless, and there are many ways to export your highlights and notes from both (although Kobo is a little bit trickier)

Sticky Notes
Hum, yes, sticky notes. This is a new method for me. Because writing notes on Kobo is a pain in the ass, when I want to take some notes, I just take out a sticky note from my kobo back and write it with the respective page I'm on. When I finish the book, I import my kobo highlights to Obsidian and add the respective written notes to it.

Focus Toolkit

Self Control
This is a free macOS app to block websites. Very simple, but effective!

It's equivalent to SelfControl, but paid (free trial available) and way more complete, also available on Android.

It's the most complete software to block websites, apps and everything else you want to block. It has iOS and Android apps that sync in a breeze. I use it to create a work culture, especially when my focus and productivity is getting out of hand.  

DigitalWelbeing (Android) and Focus (Apple)
These are the options built-in for your phone to block apps, websites and notifications. I use it basically every day.

Note-Taking Toolkit

Already presented above.

Although I'm still figuring it out, it's an immensely powerful note-taking app and I'm trying to use it more and more to help me create content for this blog.

Health Toolkit

These are the tools I use to recover or prepare my body for the intense workout sessions I have as a long and triple jumper: Foam Roller, Stick, Massage Gun and a tennis sized ball.

Money Toolkit

My favourite bank account is Revolut. This is the bank I've been using every day for the past ~4 years. The simple to use interface, richness in information and zero-cost transfers are just amazing.

My favorite websites to keep up with the economy, money, stocks and crypto stuff news are Yahoo Finance and CoinMarketCap. Every now and then I just check them and I use them to help me on my investing decisions.

*Most of the links are affiliate links.